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Auto Transport Brokers Leads SOLD OUT UNTIL JAN 2015

Auto Transport Broker Leads …. Sizzlin Hot and Real Time

Two ways to purchase ……..

Lead Packages or Open End Buying …….

1. Lead Packages:


Purchase any of the packages offered and receive additional leads at no extra cost ….. packages are set up on a monthly usage basis and are prepaid .. individual cost and daily number of leads are established at the beginning of each month. Towards the end of the month “FREE” leads start streaming through …. Depending on the package … “FREE” leads can amount to between 5 -10% of total leads purchased..

                        Lead packages are available in monthly increments of

                                                   $500.00 + (5%)… FREE LEADS ….

                                                   $750.00 + (6%)

                                                   $1,000. 00 + (7%           No Setup Fees

                                                   $1,500.00 + (8%,

                                                   $3,000.00 + (9%)

                                                   $5,000.00 + (10%)

                               We have positions available in the following packages;

                               $500.00 (averages about 13-16 leads per day)

                               $1,000.00 (averages about 27-33 leads per day)

                               $1500.00 (averages about 42-50 leads per day)

                               $2500.00 (averages about 70-80 leads per day)

                               $5000.00 (averages about 135-165 leads per day)

2. Open Ended Buying:

We set you up an account in our lead management software and you manage the number of leads purchased and simply add funds when necessary …. And you always get the leads you have paid for … in the event of a bad lead or two (leads that contain bogus or missing contact information) we replace these leads with “FREE” replacements. Current cost of leads in the “Open Ended Buying Program” is 1.25 per lead minimum opening balance of $500.00 and individual payments to balance require a minimum deposit of $250.00. No setup fees.

                            Cash Flow concerns ?? NO SWEAT …. With our “Open Ended Buying” program

You simply add money to your account when you need to in any amount of $250.00 or more and the leads start flowing again.. You have access to your own account on our lead management software and you are the only one who knows how you choose to manage it.

Sizzlinleads.com guarantee’s a maximum cost of no more than $1.25 per lead, however typically the average package cost of our leads are $1.00- $1.15 per lead. Visit our Sign-Up Now page where you can forward your company information and payment instructions for our leads packages. There are no contracts to sign as our services are month to month, you are free to start and stop your leads at any time.

Bad/Bogus Leads ???     We simply replace them with GOOD LEADS …

                                   Highest Conversion Rates: Absolutely !!

                                  Best Customer Service: Absolutely !!

                           Give us a call and find out … 800-997-1977

Just think…. In the time it took to read this …. You could have received a couple of leads that could have become $$ SALES $$ ….. Fill out the SIGN-UP NOW page and let’s get your profits rolling …..